Shravani Somvar - Theme of Decoration by use of Pulses

Shravani Somvar (monday's in shravan month) are celebrated in temples. The entire Shravan Month has great significance and through out the month pooja are performed. This time temple (where I visit) had decided themes for Shravani Somvar.
They were as folloys -

First Shravani Somvar - Replica of Amarnath shivling 
Second Shravani Somvar -Decoration of Vegetables
Third Shravani Somvar -  Decoration of Flowers / Decoration of Pulses
Fourth/Last Shravani Somvar - 12 Jyotirlinga

I couldn't click photo on first shravani somvar when mandir was decorated with Ice and the theme was Replica of Amarnath Shivling as I felt it was not allowed. But later I came to know that it was allowed. Anyhow I enjoyed the view of Mandir very much. It was  memorable. 

I have given links above to my posts. Click on the above link to view the photos day wise and themewise.

Today I am sharing the photo's of Third Shravani Somvar - Decoration of Pulses

Rangoli design by using pulses.

Shivlinga by using pulses

Ganapati - designed by using Pulses


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