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I created this blog to share my hobby of photography. (which is now rapidly becoming a passion)  Photography means me a lot as it gives me pleasure, gives me my me time and also gives relief from stress. I like to click the pictures literally randomly i.e  I click pictures of what I see through my lens. I really like to experiment and try new things, new angles an new themes in photography. Hence the name of blog is " Random Photography ". 

About Me
I am an amateur photographer. I love to travel, to capture the photos, to cook, to interact with people, to update myself with the change in technology, to do some art works and the list goes on .............

Please let me know through valuable comments (positive or not so) regarding the pictures clicked by me as I believe there is always scope for improvement. I would be thankful for comments on photographs. Those comments means a lot to me. Thanks for giving valuable time and visiting this blog. keep visiting :-)


  1. Anonymous1:07 pm

    I really like the photos uploaded on this blog. Good work.

  2. Thank you for valuable comment. It means a lot to me. Do keep on visiting my blog. Once again Thank you very much. :)

  3. [ Smiles ] Deepa, you have a wonderful blog here.

    Also, I was checking to see if Google Blogger made improvements.

    You have a lovely template and everything seems to be well-laid out. Do keep up the good work and I will drop by your blog again in the very near future!

  4. Thank you very much for your kind words. Your comment made my day. I like to experiment with templates on my blog. I am glad that you found this blog interesting :) Thanks for stopping by! Visit again! :)

    Thanks for visitng my blog and ur kinds words for visit again
    And by the way fantastic blog of urs..I like it..superb ..Keep going and thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you very much Bhavikk for your feedback :) I am glad that you liked this blog :) I like your blog and I am following your blog,you give very important tips on investments.
      Thanks for stopping by! Visit again! :)

  6. I stumbled into your blog today... Nice snaps over all.... :) Happy blogging

    1. Thank you very much Akash :) I am very glad that you liked my blog :) Happy blogging to you too :) Thanks for stopping by! Please visit again! :)

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Shrinidhi :)

  8. Every day I observed while checking my blogger accounts for new posts from other bloggers several times i got your post messages as you shared amazing and beautiful photographs on various themes. You have great photography skill. It is a God's gift to you. The photographs you shared in each post are unique and they convey some meaningful message with a beauty. Great effort.

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    Please look into my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage post and share your valuable and inspirational comment for the same.

    Further during my recent Tirumala Tirupati piligrimage i am taking some strange photographs to Akka Devathalu (Saptamatrikas). Plese look into my Akka Devathalu photographs.

    I hope to receive your valuable comments for above 2 posts (my Third Seminar and Akka Devathalu photographs) from you.

    1. Thank you very much for motivation Sir :)

  9. You have lovely photography blog Prabhu!keep going

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Thank you very much for visiting this blog. Please give me your Feedback/Suggestions as it will inspire me and help me to improve further.

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