Camel valley - Igatpuri

I went to Igatpuri with my friends (in the mid-week of august month). It was a short but an amazing trip... It was a two days trip. On the first day we covered nearby places (i.e places located in Igatpuri).   Camel valley was one of them. this place was very near to the resort (where we were staying.) We visited this point by the time of sunset . This place is located near national highway.  Greenery and the view was soothing. There was a waterfall on the other side.

few moments later-

 We decided to re-visit this point on the following morning at the time of sunrise.  (upcoming post)


  1. Looks beautiful! what an amazing view.

  2. the view is indeed very soothing. Beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful view!
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  4. A beautiful view through the misty clouds!

  5. Awesome, Great pics.

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