New experience- Spotting the bud of Brahmakamal flower

My interest in this tree started to grew since 2009.. still remember... I was  sooo desperate to add this plant in my tiny balcony garden... searched it at many places and finally got one in 2012 but it survived approximately for 2 years and then the leaves eventually dried up. Then in 2014, in a garden at Panvel, spotted this plant and took one leaf from that plant along with me to my home (surprisingly just one leaf is sufficient to grow it into a plant)... and after regular watering & care, 
finally on a random morning of 20.07.2017 (after waiting for almost 5 years for this moment  ), I saw a tiny bud on the corner of the leaf of our brahmakamal plant. I still don't have words to describe the joy I felt at that time after watching a tiny bud.... yeah and to my surprise there were 3 tiny buds on the same leaf. 

Sharing photos captured on 20.07.2017

I captured the photos with the interval gap of three days (to see the growth of bud)... so the photos captured on 23.07.2017 are coming up in next post..


  1. That's quite a unique charm!

  2. Interesting plant.
    Finally, the fruits of all that love and care, eh? Congratulations on that flower. :)

  3. Even we have this plant. Really nice to see the blooming of Brahms Kamala flower


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