Khidrapur-Kopeshwar Temple- Part 1

In our visit to Kolhapur, we decided to visit Khidrapur village( which is approximately 60 kms away from Kolhapur city). The ancient Kopeshwar temple at Khidrapur in Kolhapur District is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located on the bank of River Krishna. The construction of Kopeshwar temple started sometime in 7th century AD, the work remained incomplete largely due to constant skirmishes between warring rulers of the region. The renovation was completed only in the 12th Century by the Shilahara and the Yadava Kings.

View of temple from the entrance of the temple.

Main Entrance of the temple

This temple is in four parts, all interconnected through vestibules. The first structure you enter through is the Swarga Mandap (Heavenly Hall). The architecture of Swarga mandap is unique. This mandap is round in shape and is constructed with the support of 48 well carved rounded stone pillars which are placed in three circles. Each of the 48 pillars has been carved in different shapes -round, square, hexagon and octagon. Another unique feature of Swarga Mandap is that a part of the circular ceiling in the middle (with a radius of 13 feet) is open to the sky. The sanctum is conical. The exterior has stunning carvings of deities and secular figures. Elephant statues sustain the weight of the temple at the base.

Outside view of Swarga Mandap-

It was difficult to share my view of this spectacular place in just one post hence decided to share in 3 parts. Part 2 - more details of carvings and sculptures outside the temple will be uploaded on this Friday.


  1. Nice post on Kopeshwar temple. Awesome pics.

  2. Several idols are carved on the walls as seen in the top photo. Do you have close-ups?

  3. What an architectural grandeur! Amazing clicks, Deepa... :-)

  4. Mind blown....never seen such complex works of architecture. will surely visit.

  5. Such majestic pillars and beautiful architecture! Lovely, Deepa!

  6. Looks wonderful.... very intricate too... never having been there I would like it very much to take a look at it for myself... hopefully maybe someday I will

    Have a nice ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  7. These structures are magnificent, so full of grace. To imagine what it must've been like to see as they were being built.


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