Magical Morning at Panvel

This,weekend, we went to Panvel. This photos were captured on the second day of our visit. We went for morning walk.
 From morning mist, sunrise, golden rays, rooster crowing in the morning, various birds everything looked magical.. also we spotted Indian Kingfisher Bird :) Sharing photos captured -

Golden rays and golden leaves

Rooster crowing in the morning

Spotted Indian Kingfisher Bird  

Couldn't post only one photo... so here is another -

Beautiful bird nest- so much art :) Sugran Bird nest/Baya weaver Bird



  1. lovely yellow colours coming up in the sky through the palm trees, something special about that time of the morning.

    1. Indeed it was special :) Thank you Amy :)

  2. Sunrises are always magical, aren't they? Love the kingfisher - it's my favorite bird.

  3. Beautiful captures, Deepa.


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