Sharing photos of Boats (passenger boat ) captured at Gateway of India, Elephnta Island & also at Mandwa Jetty Alibaug-


  1. Nice pictures of boats! It looks like there are a bunch of fancy yachts there too.

    I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge

    Shelly @

  2. Beautiful photos, you have captured all of these boats perfectly :) My favourite is the second from last as I love the contrast between the stormy looking sea and the pink sky

  3. Cool boats in Maximum City, I guess:)

  4. Wow! Those are amazing shots! You have a good understanding of photography- composition, colours and so on!

    Stopping by via the AtoZ sign up list. Happy AtoZing!

    @yenforblue from
    Spice of Life!

  5. I love boats and anything to do with the sea. The sunset is my favorite.
    I am enjoying your AtoZ

    ~Rhonda from
    Ninja minion for Alex

  6. I love the first picture Deepa. The serenity of the water and the promise or maybe determination of the red (boat) in that blue...really nice. Yes, you do have a knack for composition.

  7. Anonymous6:35 am

    Visiting on C DAY of the #Challenge. This is what I love about participating....finding new blogs like yours. Wonderful photographs. If you have an interest in historic hotels and inns, come join me if you have time. Hope to see you.

  8. Beautiful and interesting photos,


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