Sangli Ganpati Mandir

I was in Sangli for a day for my official work. Tried to explore the city, sharing few photos & places I managed to visit.  
Sangli is known as the Turmeric City of Maharashtra due to its production and trade of the spice. Sangli is situated on the banks of river Krishna and houses many sugar factories. The Ganesha Temple of Sangli is a historical landmark of the city and is visited by thousands of pilgrims.
Ganesh temple is the greatest religious attraction in Sangli. Besides the main temple of Ganesh there are four more, but smaller ones, of Suryanarayan, Cintamanesvar, Laksmi-Narayan and Chinta−manesvari, which together with the chief deity forms the Ganapati panchayatan.

Entrance of the temple-

 View of temple from the entrance-

Photography was prohibited inside the temple. We saw this beautiful frame of Sangli Ganapati at Sangli station and could manage to click.


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