ABC Wednesday- Happiness

I love to visit garden on Sunday evenings. Captured these photos on one of those Sunday evenings-

Dahi Handi festvial is approching (I personally don't like because I think it is risky.)  Initially I was scared when I saw them trying this. But one of the regular visitor told us that these children do this everyday and then I saw their happiness, I thought how they can be so fearless and happy.


  1. yes, my daughter was rock jumping on a creek bed. made me nervous, but she enjoyed it.

  2. Childeren often do have that kind of braveness just because they are more flexibel to try things instead of thinking about the risks first

    Childeren should be that happy and freeminded, stay it also. But sadly enough adulthood takes that away at some point in time

    Have a nice day
    Melody abc-w-team)

  3. Interesting image and narration!

  4. My grandson is into Parkour and it scares the dickens out of me! But just look at the exuberant happiness they exude!

    abcw team


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