"If you can DREAM IT, you can DO IT "

One amongst my many dreams, I want to buy one big apartment in one of the high rise towers in Mumbai. Buying an apartment in Mumbai is too expensive (yes, it costs some Crores of Rupees).  To make my dream come true I will have to wait, be patient and work very hard.
 It will certainly take some years but then as it is said "If you can DREAM IT, you can DO IT "
This photo is captured at Borivali, Mumbai. I captured this photo of the building from the park where I usually go for walk.

This post is part of Thursday Challenge theme. Theme for this week is "SHINY" (Mirror, Chrome, Metal, Glass, Hair,...)


  1. The building is certainly inviting-may your wish be fulfilled soon.

  2. Shiny captured well and quite differently. Ideally people would use metal, jewelry etc but your use of building is a good depiction!

  3. May you fulfil your dream soon.


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