Saturday Photohunt - Precious

I loved capturing photos for today's theme. When I saw topic "Precious" , undoubtedly It was TIME ,what I thought to capture. Time is the most precious thing than anything else !!  (In photo - my dad's HMT watch which he bought approximately 35 years ago and that is still in best working condition) 

 Apart from the theme I would like to share my latest addition to my Imitation Jwellery collection. (here is the link to my earlier posts on Imitation Jwellery)

This post is a part of Saturday Photohunt Challenge. Saturday Photohunt Challenge is a place for photographic fun with different themes and sharing photographs. A theme is announced on this site each week. Theme for this week is "Precious" Link to challenge.

(P.S - We were sad to read that due to continuous losses, formal proposal  for shutting down  HMT Watches will be soon taken in consideration. Full news article can be read here. - Time up: HMT Watches to wind down after 53 years )


  1. Wonderful take on the theme! Sad to note the closure of HMT

  2. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Excellent shots fot this week's theme!

    Have a super weekend.


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