Saturday Photohunt - Hero

We met this lady in our konkan trip. We bought laddoo and some chips from her. She was very busy in her work but at the same time she was very content about her work. She was telling us about her journey and life as whole. She told us that she wakes up at 5 A.M completes daily household chores and then travels about 50 K.M to come and sell things (such as Laddoo, Jackfruit Chips, Kokam, Masala/spices) and after whole day another 50 KM return journey to home. She did told us that she herself make/cook all those things which she sells.

Manjula is a very busy tailor. She stitches dress materials, blouses and curtains etc. Apart from stitching and alteration work she also sells sarees, make up products, bindi, bangles, artificial jwellery etc.

Ankita - She was our guide when we went Prachin Konkan, Ratnagiri. She explained us each and every detail of Konkan including history of Konkan. 

She keeps our colony very clean on daily basis and that too with smiling face. 

Flower vendors at Dadar, Mumbai.  

As they work for society, balancing their respective familes, all this WOMEN are HERO and I Salute them !!!!!  
This post is a part of Saturday Photohunt Challenge. Saturday Photohunt Challenge is a place for photographic fun with different themes and sharing photographs. A theme is announced on this site each week. Theme for this week is "Hero" Link to challenge.


  1. What a great take on the theme, and I agree these women are heroes :)

    My photo hunt entry for this week

  2. I appreciate your idea of honoring them. Great Job :)

  3. exactly ! they are Hero of real life

  4. Anonymous5:42 pm

    What an awesome take on this week's theme -your selection of photos are beautiful.

    Have a super weekend.

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing such great heroines!
    We salute them.

  6. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Nice pics.. I loved it :)

  7. Lovely, Salute to all of them...:)

  8. they are the unsung heroes.


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