Posters and ads ..... Fun to see!!

I have started looking at things with more  attention due to photography. I was used to ignore posters/ads. As now I pay attention to the signboards sometimes I find funny things. I am sharing photo of these two boards for the theme :)

This board I found at local theatre -
This tailor alters all types of cloths and he is really a specialist in altering clothes and designing clothes. ( I have altered many of my salwar suits and T-shirts from him). But at some random day when I saw the board on his shop I was shocked to read it.  Sharing photo here -

This post is a part of Saturday Photohunt Challenge. Saturday Photohunt Challenge is a place for photographic fun with different themes and sharing photographs. A theme is announced on this site each week. Theme for this week is "FunnyLink to challege.


  1. Check this one ,
    Funny but true.

  2. I would shake my head in amazement if I seen a sign in our area, North Idaho.

    Coffee is on

  3. Anonymous4:00 pm

    LOL - I went in a similar direction this week. It is amazing what you notice when you stop and look carefully.

    Have a super weekend.

    1. Yes :) Thank you very much JDeQ :)

  4. :-). Good observation by you


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