Jivdani Mata Mandir, Virar

Yesterday We visited Jivdani Mata Mandir , Virar. It was an amazing experience.
Brief information - Jivdani (Which Means Goddess Of Life), Where Jiva (means Life), A very beautiful and famous temple of godess jivdani (Also called ‘Jivdani mata’) on pyramid like shaped mountain far away at North Mumbai (Thane District). Their are very few temples in India which are on top of any Mountain and Jivdani being one of such beautiful temple, People from very long distance come here and visit Godess and take ‘DARSHAN’. Total footsteps to climb are 1460 approximately and are very safe. Alternately their is a rope way that charges Rs.150/- (Including Return Fare) as of day that is very helpful for old age and elderly people who have joint problems in Knees. The Goddess rests in a temple situated about 1460 steps above the ground on a hill that forms a part of the Satpura Range in Virar, a northern Mumbai suburb, about 60 km away from Mumbai. The hill offers a very picturesque view of Virar and its vicinity More details are given below photos - 

Our First view-

Photo of Jivdani Mata's  poster

Entrance of temple-

At the top -

View from top -

View of temple in evening -

Complete Virar can be seen till far stations like Vasai Road etc. The beautiful sunset view is not to be missed when in evening, it adds a charm to the wide arabian sea at far ends that can be seen from this Jivdani temple mountain. The back view from Jivdani temple mountain has another scenic view that shows Vaitarna River and small small villages like chandansar and Shirgaon along with small ponds and lush greenery on other nearer mountains. Jivdani being the famous mountain even attracted Paragdliers before, which now flies at adjacent mountains located at near by village like Shirgaon. source of this information - Link
How to reach - Share Rickshaw facility is available outside Virar Railway Station (East). (Charges- Per person 10 Rs.)
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