Brief glance at Nashik through my lens...

Last week was a super busy week for me. I went to Nashik for official work (to attend seminars) for 4 days. It was purely an official visit so I didn't got any chance to much explore the city, but when I got time I utilized it to follow my passion I.e to explore the city and photography. Took special disesh to home from Nashik (Kondaji Chivda, kandi pedhe, , Malai Barfi and off course fresh fruits ). Here are some photos I captured during 4 days.

View of  Sunrise from train

Can you see a person sleeping on storage racks where luggage is supposed to be kept. I was initial surprised as I had kept my bag over there and he started using it as cushion then I took my bag with me and kept it down. This photo I captured after I took my bag down and he settled there.

Bhaji pav and Vada Pav (Potato vada) at Igatpuri Station. many people got down from train to buy hot Potato vada and Bhaji.

View from train near Deolali Camp

Fresh Grapes..... Nashik is famous for Grapes. I saw farms of Grapes, Cauliflower, Tomatos, Oranges while travelling by Train.

Closed railway track

Small village boys .....

This is what we need..... PEACE

I sighted water shortage in that region. Ladies and even small girls were carrying 3 cans (don't know how long they have come from to get water.)Water shortage is a serious issue in villages.

I found, Women have tendency to wear heavy and bright sarees.

Scarfs on display -

I was surprised to see - Wholesale CHINA mobile shop in Nashik (mobile with 6 months warranty) -

Fresh water lemon -

Nashik Station (Return journey) -

View of Sunset from train -

View from train -

Green signal near train -

The Must Have Items Of The City (source- Link)

Nashik city is a gem in the crown of Maharashtra. The city is a pilgrimage, shopping hub, industrial center and a true beauty for the eyes. The city is well known for many of its specialities among the frequent visitors. If you are coming to Nashik please do try your hands at the specialities of the city that are listed below. Specialities of Nashik / Famous Items Nashik
  • Kismis : A Kismis is any dried grape. Also popularly known as raisins, currants and sultanas. It is locally known by the name of “Manuka”. You can find many varieties of Kismis in the city depending on its size, color, taste and price. The dry fruit is a healthy food since it contains antioxidant (keeping impurities at bay), is high in fiber (cures constipation), best source of quick energy, lower risk of osteoporosis, good for eyes etc.
  • Grapes : Nashik is very famous for its table and wine grapes. The grapes are sure to tickle your taste buds. The black, green, seed and seedless varities are all popular. Grapes from the city are exported to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • Chivda : Chivda is a traditional Maharashtrian snack. The Nashik Chivda is very unique and delicious. It is a combination of flattened rice (Poha in Marathi), roasted gram, dried coconut, fried curry leaves, peanuts, sometimes cashews and masalas. Some famous brands selling Nashik Chivda are – Kondaji, Madhavji etc. You must try some and to love it.
  • Misal : The Misal is a delicacy made from the mixture of various sprouts like mung, matki, chana, beans and lots of spicy, oily masala. The Misal Pav is a relatively cheap yet nutritional snack or meal. It is a must must have if you are in Nashik.
  • Wine : Nashik is the “Wine Capital of India”, so how can one miss it when in the city. There are around 33 wineries in and around Nashik. You can get white, red etc types of quality and exclusive Wines in Nashik.
  • Guava : Nashik is also known as the “Kitchen garden” of Mumbai and other neighboring cities. The Guavas (Peru in Marathi) from Nashik are popular for their unique taste. Other fruits like pomegranate, grapes are also good. The vegetables especially the green leafy ones are also very cheap and of fine quality.
(P.s - I will list Places to Visit in Nashik in next post.)


  1. What a visual treat! A series of photographs! Loved them! In fact loved them all! Each photograph arouse some emotions...

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thank you very much Sindhu :) yes agreed series of photos...I was confused in selecting photos hence added multiple photos :) very glad to know that you loved them all :) although it was official visit, I enjoyed viewing and roaming in Nashik.

  2. Beautifully captured!

  3. Beautiful lively pictures.. the grapes, bhajji, colouful saris... peace.

  4. beautiful photographs as usual ..

    1. Thank you very much Bhavana :)

  5. I have never been to Nashik. So glad to see al these. :)

    1. Thank you very much Indrani :) There are many places in Nashik sich as dams, temples, caves, hills, waterfall, Sanctuary, places with reference to Ramayana etc.


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