A to Z Challenge - J- Jasminum sambac flower (Indian Jasmine flower)

Jasminum sambac flower is commonly known as Indian jasmine flower( generally called as "motiyaa" in hindi , "mogra" in marathi.) I love various flowers. Mogra Flower is one of them.  This flower is used here in religious functions, or offered to God to worship or even used  for hairstyles. (Information on this flower link )

Sniffing Mogra happily -

Remembering school days (when wearing flowers on festivals was not considered as portraying flower pot on head :) miss those days)


  1. Beautiful pictures, flowers instantly make you feel refreshing. 'Gajras' made of mogra in Mumbai are very common.

    PS – Hey Deepa, I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, do check it out when you have some time. :)

    1. Thank you Arti :) Yes We get gajras and only mogra flowers are too available here in mumbai. I love mogra flower for its smell :) I will certainly check giveaway on your blog :)


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